Normandy Region

Between land and sea, a region that’s renowned for the quality and diversity of its products

While milk and meat are the two pillars of Normandy’s agriculture and food industry, the region is also the country’s largest producer of shellfish, cider, and turnips. 

While it is probably best-known for its butter and camembert, Normandy is also France’s third largest producer of veal and beef.
Meat and milk are the two pillars of the region’s agriculture and food industry, which include processing sites owned by major French and international groups, such as Lactalis, Nestlé, Danone, Bel, and the Compagnie des Fromages-Richemonts, for the dairy sector, and Bigard-Charal-Socopa and Elivia for beef and veal. 

Dairy products, the Region’s leading agricultural sector, accounts for 35% of Normandy’s production. Dairies export 20% of their production (with three-quarters of exports staying within Europe). The rest is for the French market. 

Normandy leads France in cider production, too, with no fewer than 8 AOP/AOCs. It is also a region with a long-standing market-gardening tradition, which is now a source of innovative products. 

And finally, with its nearly 400 miles of coastline, Normandy is France’s top region for shellfish production, and the second for marine fishing with (a fifth of the French catch).

To help businesses increase their exports, the Region pays 50% of expenses related to prospecting new markets (up to €75,000 in two years). It also co-finances companies’ expenses for participating in trade shows, meeting buyers, and other promotional operations organized by Business France.
The Region promotes name recognition abroad with the “Saveurs de Normandie” label, which was created in 2003 by AREA Normandie. Nearly 600 products have obtained the label, which requires adherence to specific rules, and which highlights top-of-the-line local products. 

Committed to developing policies for protecting the environment, the Region mobilized up to €475,000 for the “Normandie Glyphosate 2021” plan in order to assist farmers who wished to implement a progressive replacement of chemical herbicides with alternative methods.

Key figures of Normandy region

Normandy is the first region for cow’s-milk cheese with 389,000 tons in 2018, 23% national production.
Normandy is the first region for butter with 123,000 tons in 2018, 1/3 of national production.
The region contributes 16% of French milk production, with 3.7 billion liters (almost 1 million gallons) of milk collected in 2017.
Normandy is the first region for cider, 54% of the national production in 2017.
Normandy is the first region for leeks, 1/4 pf national production.
Normandy is the first region for oyster production and shellfish:
15,000 tons of scallops
8,000 tons of whelks
4,100 tons of wild mussels