The Industrial Bread Baker Menissez Is Investing €100 million

The Industrial Bread Baker Menissez Is Investing €100 million

In late January, the prebaked-bread specialist announced a record-breaking investment of €180 million in order to increase production capacity at their plant in Feignies.

Menissez, the European leader in prebaked bread, will be investing €100 million over three years in order to boost production capacity at the company’s plant in Feignies (northern France). By building a new 20,000 square-meter (215,000 square-foot) factory to house new production lines, the site will be able to produce 100,000 tons more bread a year by 2024. The family-owned business aready injected €80 million into the ultra-modern new facility last year.

Founded in 1965 as an artisanal bakery, Menissez, which has been marketing prebaked, wrapped and frozen bread since the 1980s, has grown into an industrial bread-baking giant, with annual production of 180,000 tons and revenue of €200 million, according to Les Échos.

“Currently, some 70% of our volume is from exports, and we make 160,000 tons of bread a year,”

according to the company’s website. Their main export markets are England, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

The family-owned business has made multiple acquisitions in recent years. Among them, the recent purchase of the Canadian Boulart (350 employees) will give them a foothold in the U.S.A with a factory projected within the next two years.