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French Beef Struts Its Stuff in Italy

A delegation of six French firms is attending Cibus, the international agri-food trade show in early May in Parma, Italy. It’s a strategic presence in a country that is the single largest export market for French beef.

Interbev, the Livestock and Meat Inter-Professional Association, has confirmed their presence at Cibus, the international agri-food trade show that is taking place in Parma from May 3 to 6. A 54m2 collective booth has been made available to export firms – including Bigard, Charal, Socopa, Tradival, Elivia and Bressuire – to organize their professional appointments. In addition, a daily meat-tasting event will be put into place in collaboration with a professional butcher who will offer different dishes prepared with meat.

“This trade show will allow French firms to meet their most important Italian customers and partners,” Claudine Allain, the head of Interbev’s international communication, explains.

Their presence is essential when you consider that Italy is France’s largest export market, with 62,340 tons Carcass Weight Equivalent (CWE) shipped in 2021, ahead of Germany (46,720 CWE) and Greece (38,180 CWE).

“Poland is Italy’s first supplier, with a 19% market share, but France is close behind, with a 17% market share,” Claudine Allain concludes.

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