French frozen food


French frozen-food firms appeal to chefs

Consumers want instant gratification at home.

They’re spending less and less time cooking. Meat, ice cream and apple pie, as well as foie gras, smoked salmon and even fruit salad, can all be found in supermarkets’ frozen-food aisle now. The market got a big boost from the arrival of organic foods, which are growing at a dazzling +30% a year. French manufacturers are now offering frozen pizzas with 100% organic ingredients. To respond to consumer demands for transparency, they are getting certifications like Nutri-score, and labels like MSC for sustainable fishing.

Consumers are enthusiastic about products without artificial flavors or preservatives. So the industry is taking advantage of cold’s natural capacity for preservation, which allows them to do without those artificial ingredients and offer consumers products that are more natural. In the near future, reheating frozen foods will take even less time than it does now. The industry is planning to bring out strawberries, lettuce and even cocktails you can store in the freezer! The fine-food sector has been paying close attention. One French company is offering chefs frozen stock for sauces that comes in the shape of little “marbles.” 

And finally, sales methods are going to evolve, too. Frozen-food vending machines are going to be installed on college campuses and in offices. And more traditional points of sale will be equipped with energy-efficient freezers to help reduce their carbon footprint. Welcome to the ice age!

Key figures of Frozen sector in France

France is the world’s leader in frozen herbs.
France is the second largest European producer of frozen vegetables.
The revenue for frozen foods of all kinds is 9 billion euros, with 5 billion euros for ready-made meals and 997 million euros for ice cream.
The frozen sector in France provides 74 000 direct jobs.