Circuits courts: le gouvernement lance la plateforme frais et local

Short-circuit retail: the government launches Fresh & Local platform

Close to 14,000 farmers are listed on the “” platform, an initiative launched by the government aiming to link farmers and consumers.

Support your local farmers and producers: that’s the aim of the “Frais et local” (Fresh & Local) platform, launched January 12 by the Minister of Agriculture and Food. It makes it easy to identify farmers from partner networks and their points of sale close to home.

“The health crisis has placed food at the heart of people’s concerns,”stated Sébastien Windsor, President of the Chambers of Agriculture at the presentation of the project. This platform (…) is a wonderful opportunity to create a go-to resource for consumers but also for all farmers who practice direct sales and short-circuit retail. It thus contributes to the creation of value in the territories.”

And it has met with success, as in less than three months the platform (which connects consumers and producers through a geolocation database) has logged more than 400,000 visits. “We wanted to take advantage of the trends observed during lockdown, and the growing demand from consumers for fresh, local produce,” said Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture and Food.

“Act of a good citizen”

The interface now boasts 13,581 farms and direct points of sale supplied by the two leading partner platforms: Bienvenue à la Ferme (Welcome to the Farm) and the agricultural education network L’Aventure du Vivant (The Adventure of Living Things) as well as the network of the French Association of Urban Professional Agriculture.

“Every act of consumption that supports farmers and producers closer to home is the act of a good citizen,” insists the minister. The Fresh & Local platform is a simple way to find places to buy fresh produce on your doorstep. These products are best for our health and, in many cases, for our wallet.”

The platform allows you to make detailed searches by product (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, etc.) by point-of-sale type (on the farm, pick-up point, producer’s store, Internet sales only) or even by partner networks.

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