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Taste France Is Strutting Its Stuff at SIAL 2022

SIAL PARIS 2022, the International Food Show and a veritable showcase of agri-food innovation, will throw open its doors from 15 to 19 October. For this edition, ANIA, Business France and La Coopération Agricole have come together under a shared Taste France banner.

For SIAL Paris, THE get-together for everyone in the international agri-food sector, the National Association of Food Industries (ANIA), Business France and La Coopération Agricole have decided to unite. At a single booth, they will be offering a broad, unified representation of French food businesses under the Taste France banner.

Launched in 2020 at the request of the President of France, Taste France has become the face of French agricultural and agri-food products for foreign customers — from professionals to final consumers — around the world. The brand, which represents French art de vivre across the globe, conveys the full range of advantages of France’s culinary heritage: tremendous know-how in agriculture, agri-food and gastronomy; high health, safety and environmental standards, and its firms talent for innovation.

“Behind the emblem, which is synonymous with both progress and pride, our food firms are promoting France’s excellence internationally, reconciling competitiveness and sustainable development thanks to our innovative approaches,” Jean-Philippe André, president of both ANIA and of SIAL, points out.

  • Winning the Export Battle –

Taste France will be organizing a smorgasbord of conferences and tasting and representatives of 10 food-tech starts-ups will be at the stand. They will include Ammi, which built the first fresh spirulina processing plant in the world, and Basal Nutrition, which designs, produces, and sells innovative “clean label” food solutions to help maintain balance in the gut microbiome in order to preserve consumers’ health.

Another high point of SIAL is the launch of the 15th edition of the white book of agri-food exports, “Agro, où exporter en 2023” (Agro: Where to Export in 2023”) published by the Agrotech Business France network in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and of food Sovereignty. The book is an extensive, precious tool for assisting firms in the agri-food sector in finding success internationally.

The Taste France stand will also be a place for meetings, with dedicated areas for French agri-food firms to schedule international business meetings.

“In the context both of emerging from the health crisis and of unprecedented geopolitical tension, economic recovery will necessarily include exports. When it comes to the food sector, France occupies a central position both in Europe and in the rest of the world, which is why the export battle must be won in France first,” Christophe Lecourtier, managing director of Business France, says in conclusion.